Jun 072017

The World Environment Day was celebrated across the globe on June 5, 2017 with the intention to protect the environment from pollution, deforestation, over hunting, and excessive emission of carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases. The day is celebrated to urge people to work with the international organisations like WWF for the protection and cleanliness of the environment. Unfortunately, cities and towns in Pakistan are dumped with garbage and trashes. Wildlife in the country is close to extinct because of over and illegal hunting. Deforestation is on the rise in remote areas of the country since a large number of people cut wood for heating and fuel purposes. These challenges are posing serious threat to the survival of living beings.

To deal with these challenges, constructive steps should be taken on an immediate basis. For example, unattended garbage in cities, towns and villages need to be handled through proper solid waste management. Wildlife conservation is to be formed in areas and valleys with the cooperation of the local community. In addition, awareness programmes should be conducted on a regular basis to educate citizens about their role and responsibility regarding reduction of pollution. Laws should also be made by the government and the concerned department and implement in letter and spirit on ground to ensure conservation and protection of the environment and its components. The media, civil society and NGOs can also contribute significantly to raise awareness by highlighting environmental hazards and sharing strategies to overcome them.

Karim Mohammad Khan

District Ghizer, GB

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