May 272013

Obama speech for Pakistan

It’s since a long that American President Barack Obama has been trying to implement the rules of drones’ attacks in various areas of Pakistan. It seems that he pretends to create one issue or the other every time to destroy our beloved country. Yesterday a report revealed that Obama, in a speech in White House tried to teach the use of drones in order to kill the Islamic militants. Is it fair? No it is not.

Because Obama has no solid reason or evidences to kill the Muslim militants except that he is on his mind to destroy the Muslim nations. But see the courage of Muslims; still his speeches were welcomed by Pakistani and Yemen militants. Both Pakistan and Yemen have accepted each and every word of Obama which he spoke in his speech where he was found to be busy in teaching and explaining the techniques of how to kill the Muslim militants.

United States of America’s policies are all against the Muslims but they do not know that it is the courage of Muslims who welcomes each and every criticism. Obama cast the drone program as crucial to U.S. counter terrorism efforts, though he announced more restrictive rules governing the attacks. His advisers said these would effectively limit future use of drones. Some of the Pakistani officials however have strongly opposed and criticized the president for not announcing an end to drone strikes against Islamic militants in the country in his landmark speech, as they have long demanded.

An adviser to Yemen’s Prime Minister, Rageh Badi, praised Obama’s decision to lift the ban on the return of Yemeni detainees as a “welcome step” that would improve relations between the two countries. It is the first time ever in his presidency that Mr. Obama has pointed out some positive aspects of Muslim nations as well in his speech. He also said that the Muslims are no doubt a courageous nation and I have closely observed various Muslims who are strong and determined enough in their decisions and their targets that no one can bring them out of their focus.

Obama further said in his speech that the gap between USA and Muslim nations is not only the religious but also the thinking level as well as ways of living our lives. So, he viewed that I do not think this gap can ever be filled out. But he acknowledged civilian deaths have occurred and said they will haunt him and those in his chain of command “as long as we live.”

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