May 022017

Illegal occupation of land in Karachi is creating a lot of difficulties for citizens. An encroachment drive was launched in the city for the removal of encroachments. But according to some media reports; these teams were also attacked, disrupting the smooth flow of the teams’ operations. In crowded areas like Saddar, encroachments on footpaths have disrupted the vehicular traffic. During peak hours, the area is congested. In the city, land grabbers follow a systematic structure. With the help of fake documents, they transfer property under their names.

It is unfortunate that despite launching encroachment drives, the provincial government has still not been able to rid the city from land grabbers. If the people of Karachi will unite against the land mafia, encroachments will be easily removed. The need of the hour is to resolve the matter at the earliest to ensure safety in the city.

Razi Alam


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