Dec 122017

The step taken by US President Trump to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and to certify Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is an injudicious step and is totally uncalled for. The Israel-Palestine conflict can be resolved only through a two-state solution. This is the only coherent solution that will put an end to this global issue which has been the primary cause of instability in that part of the Middle East.

However with the initiative taken by Trump, the century old pain and suffering of the Palestinian people will go in vain. It is time the international organisations like the UN and the OIC did something about this outlandish step. The UN should now resolve this issue once and for all, if it really wants to live up to its role of being a universal arbitrator. Otherwise it will have grave repercussions – which we are witnessing now in the form of protests around the globe.

Muhammad Talha Waqas


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