Jan 022018

The Nasim Nagar area in Hyderabad is a nice neighbourhood to live in. The parks in the locality are often visited by children of all ages. The area, however, is deprived of two things. First, speed limit signs and second, garbage bins. In the absence of a speed limit sign, motorists often drive vehicles at high speed. This increases the risk of road accidents, especially during night. During summer and winter vacations, many children play outside. In such cases, speeding vehicles would put the lives of children in danger.

Therefore it is necessary for the authorities to put speed limit signs in the neighbourhood. Additionally, the relevant department must install garbage bins across the locality. Heaps of garbage and the foul smell coming from it pollute the environment. Residents of the Nasim Nagar area hope that the concerned authorities will take immediate action and make the neighbourhood a clean and safe area to live in.

Zeeshan Ali Abro


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