Dec 222017

We have received aid from the US for a long time and have, over time, become heavily dependent on it. However, America has often used this cycle of dependency to impose political pressure us. US President Donald Trump has repeatedly told Pakistan to ‘do more’ to eradicate terrorism and has even gone to the extent of terming the country a hotbed for militants. The US has also ignored Pakistan’s claims that it has sacrificed a great deal in the war on terror. Instead, it has made pointed assertions against Pakistan’s failure to tackle militancy.

Amid these challenges, we must assess whether Pakistan can survive without receiving aid from the US. At this stage, foreign aid lends considerable support to our economy and make up for lapses in the industrial and technological sectors. Politicians and citizens should, therefore, work towards introducing development initiatives in the country so that we don’t have to rely on any form of foreign aid.

Alina Amin


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