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Offended by the constant rhetoric that US President Donald Trump spews against his countrymen – calling them rapists and criminals, a Mexican businessman has decided to take a swipe at Trump by launching a toilet paper with the American mogul’s brand name.

Corporate lawyer Antonio Battaglia will be introducing “Trump” toilet paper this year with marketing slogans such as “Softness without borders” and “This is the wall that, yes, we will pay for”.

Since the Trump Organization has not included what’s known in Spanish as “hygienic paper” under its branding trademarks – a possible brand management oversight, Battaglia was able to get approval to use the business mogul’s name for his product. Mexico’s Institute of Industrial Property gave the approval in October 2015.

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The toilet paper packages are expected to hit the market later this year, and Battaglia has promised 30% of the profits will go towards programs that support migrants going to the US.

The Mexican businessman said he was “really bothered” when Trump launched his presidential bid by characterising migrants who enter the US illegally as criminals, drug runners and rapists.

“My thinking was: We can’t keep quiet, right?” he said. “So with this insult that was made, (I figured) I’m going to add my grain of sand in response.”

Battaglia has signed a contract to manufacture a small initial run worth about 400,000 pesos (USD21,400), enough to fill two cargo trucks. He said he hopes to generate enough demand to expand production.

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A mock-up package cover of the product features a grinning blonde cartoon, sporting Trump’s signature hairdo and holding a tanned (almost orange) thumbs-up.

The Trump Organization has not commented on the product yet. Although, in the past, Trump has been aggressive about protecting his brand.

Battaglia argued he is well within Mexican law as the legal trademark-holder, with no direct link between his product and Donald Trump or his image.

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