Jul 142017

Democracy, freedom of speech, transparency and accountability are necessary for the development of a society and nation. But, in this country, even the universally acclaimed values are used to promote vested interests. In the aftermath of the JIT report, the confrontation between the government and the opposition is absolutely immature. What is even more childish is the division of media outlets: some media outlets are pro-government while others are pro-JIT. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these media outlets are offering space to the enemy – both internal and external – to further exploit the situatio

In their fight for power, both the government and the opposition shouldn’t forget our motherland. We need a neutral and impartial media. These days the media, which is the fourth pillar, is behaving irresponsibly. In a volatile situation like this, the media hold importance because everyone looks up to it. It moulds public opinions. Politicians and the media need to work towards the harmony and integration of society. The path they tread at present is, in fact, a dangerous one that will harm everyone.

Haider Ali (Swat)

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