Jun 052017

ISLAMABAD: Terming it false and fabricated, the PTI on Monday contended a recent statement – issued by a media coordinator of the ruling PML-N – in which he claimed that the PTI chief ‘Imran Khan was involved in match-fixing during cricketing years’.

The PTI spokesperson said the ruling PML-N resorted to blatant lies and misrepresentation of facts about the PTI chairman’s cricketing career and accused him of being involved in match-fixing.

“In an atmosphere in which Imran Khan challenges the very legitimacy of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after being identified as one of the key corrupt players in Panama leaks and in subsequent judgment of the Supreme Court, such attacks by the ruling party – through concocted, factually incorrect and malicious propaganda – are under way,” he said.

‘Imran Khan was involved in match-fixing during cricketing years’

The spokesperson said among ‘many of the lies’ told by the PML-N coordinator, one was that Imran was suffering from leg injury at the time mentioned in his claim and hence was unable to continue his game as a bowler in the national cricket squad.

Quoting the PTI chief, the statement said: “Had the reporter bothered to contact me [Imran Khan] or my department, facts would have been explained to him; however, he refrained from adopting this ethical and professional course.”

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