Jul 032017

Charna Island is located near Mubarak Village, Karachi. It is a small uninhabited island. It is a good place for fishing and is also famous for water sports, including scuba diving, underwater photography, hiking, speed boating, banana tubing, jet skiing, cliff diving and snorkeling. There are more than 60 types of corals found near island water. The environment is especially popular for being peaceful and clean.

But unfortunately, there is a coal-fired power project in Hub, Balochistan, which work is in full swing. The coal-fired power project will construct a jetty near Charna Island, which will hurt the marine life and disturb the traditional fishing and water sport activities. Environmental organisations such as IUCN, WWF, Greenpeace must come forward and take immediate action. The government must declare this island a marine protected area (MPA) to preserve the marine life.

Sarfraz Haroon


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