Sep 112017

KASUR: A husband-wife quarrel claimed the lives of three children at a village in Kasur district on Monday.

Ali Muhammad Meo, a resident of Pindi Jattan village, set himself and his three children on fire at his home after a noisy brawl with his wife.

The children died, while Ali was driven to Lahore’s Jinnah Hospital in a critical condition where medics said he had little chances of survival.

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The dead children have been identified as two-and-a-half years’ old Halima, Muhammad Abdullah, 1, and a six-day-old newborn girl.

According to neighbours and relatives, Ali was depressed because his wife had left home after the quarrel to live with her parents.

Ali’s father Noor Muhammad, mother Akbri Bibi, and Ali Raza also received burn injuries while trying to save Ali and the children.

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