Jan 092018

LAHORE: Ludhiana Gymkhana won the league match of 21st Tauseef Trophy Cricket Championship after beating Albilal Club by 28 runs at Township Albilal Gound on Tuesday.

Fine batting by Zeeshan Ahmed Khan (Ludhiana Gym) and Arshman Butt (Albilal Club) were the main feature of the match. In this match Ludhiana Gym has secured 17 points while Albilal Club has secured only 5 points.

Scores: Ludhiana Gym 268/5 in 40 overs (Zeeshan Ahmed Khan 98 including 5×6, 9×4, Fahad Munir 57, Fahim Ali Nor 52, Adnan Raza 34, Rao Khyam Abbas 2/37). Albilal Club 240/9 in 40 overs (Arshman Butt 83 including 8×4, Talha Ijaz 28, Ali Sikander 40, Ulfat Rasool 49, Jamshaid 2/60, Saeedullah 2/22, Waseem 2/35).

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