Jul 092017

As a speeding oil tanker flipped over in Vehari on Sunday, locals rushed to the scene to collect fuel from the overturned carrier, DawnNews reported.

The accident occurred after the fuel-laden vehicle was speeding on Vehari's Burewala Road. After the incident, locals rushed to the scene before police were able to do so and began siphoning fuel from the tanker.

Locals siphoning fuel from the toppled tanker. ─ DawnNews.
Locals siphoning fuel from the toppled tanker. ─ DawnNews.

Police reached the area well over an hour later, after which they dispersed the crowd and cordoned off the area.

The incident comes just two weeks after a similar incident occurred in Bahawalpur's Ahmedpur Sharqia area when a fire erupted at the site of a toppled oil-tanker as scores of locals collected fuel from the vehicle's spilt cargo. Police had failed to show up at the site of the accident.

The tragedy claimed the lives of 218 people, whereas 38 injured are still being treated in hospitals.

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