Dec 082017

Although we regularly discuss the problems faced by the Pakistanis, our scope is mostly limited to the people who live in urban areas. We seldom pay any attention to the people living in rural areas. A set of problems, including poor sanitation, heaps of garbage dumps and broken roads are being neglected by the authorities. That the chief minister of Punjab took an initiative – the Khadim-e-Punjab Saaf Dehat Programme – to clean the villages of Punjab is commendable. The government has decided to give contracts to different companies for the sake of this project.

Although the project seems doable, the Punjab government should also prepare for the barriers that it will face along its way to the completion of the project. The lethargic attitude of our officials and the behaviour of our countrymen is the real cause of hindrances. We ought to mould their perceptions. It is a laudable effort indeed. But the success of the programme will depend on how we act and react. Schemes and projects are introduced for the public welfare. But sometimes the administration and usually the public itself is the source of failure of such schemes. We need to know our priorities and stick to them. Otherwise, the consequences would be gruesome.

Muhammad Aized


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