Apr 122013

KARACHI: Want to make nations and organisations successful? The answer lies in consistent positive feedback and inducing a behavioural change via positive practices instead of forcibly destroying a negative trait.

Dr Milan Pagon, a management professor at the Zayed University, United Arab Emirates, expressed these views at a leadership seminar held at the Karachi School for Business and Leadership (KSBL) on Friday. The seminar was attended by students from institutions across the city, entrepreneurs and heads of corporate entities. Provincial finance minister Syed Shabbar Zaidi was also present.

Dr Pagon highlighted the impact neuroscience has had on better leadership practices as he believed that the scientific study of the nervous system could enhance productivity of individuals and compensate for the failing manpower in Pakistan to create economic and social prosperity.

“Latest research has established that humans use their entire brain, and factors of intelligence can be increased with guidance and training,” he said, while refuting the widely believed myth that human beings utilise only 10 per cent of their brains. Dr Pagon added that having a healthy balance of emotions and logical decision-making also plays a role.

Gillette Pakistan CEO Saad Amanullah Khan outlined the role of leadership in achieving organisational excellence. “A leader should be approachable and creative. He should think out-of-the-box, practice and instil a ‘can-do’ attitude, should have the passion to be the best and ready to go out of the comfort zone.”

Asif Juma’s, ICI Pakistan CEO, advice to the student leaders as well as politicians was to have a clear vision and an approachable personality.

Hubco CEO Zafar Iqbal Sobhani said that leadership and good governance could set Pakistan on the course of exponential growth.

Earlier in his welcome address, KSBL dean Dr Shaukat A Brah shared the vision of the business school about creating a visible and meaningful change in the managerial, entrepreneurial and leadership capabilities of organisations through high quality research, teaching and outreach.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 13th, 2013.

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