Mar 272017

A lot of newborn babies are being abducted in Pakistan. In August 2016, a child-kidnapping gang was apprehended which told the police that they used to sell a baby for Rs70,000. Nurses, doctors, lady health workers and other hospital/maternity home staff are often involved in most abduction cases. Factors that cause these abductions include: the rigid mindset where daughters are considered to be a bane to the family and the absence of any kind of state-run adoption services.

Moreover, courts are often forced to show leniency in their decisions regarding bail settlements and sentencing of criminals involved in this crime, primarily due to loopholes in the existing laws dealing with this issue. Religious scholars as well as the government should spread awareness about the magnitude of the issue. There is a need to push for legislation ensuring harsher punishments for the people involved in this crime.

Saad Bin Aziz Ahmed


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