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Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan and is the part of the eastern sector of Afghanistan. This city is situated about 5,876 ft above the sea level and lodged between the mountains of Hindu Kush. The Kabul river flows along this narrowed valley. A highway linked this city with Mazar-e-Sharif, Heart and Kandhar. According to an estimate in 2012 its population is about 32 lakh and 89 thousand.

The history of Kabul is about 3,500 years  old, Many emperors fought because of its tactical location. This city had the trade routes of Central Asia and South Asia that’s why it was the gold mine for many emperors. The great warrior Alexander defeated his rival Achaemenids and after that this city became the division of the Seleucid Empire. After that it was gone under control of Kabul Shahis, Ghaznavids, Ghurids and Saffarids. It also remained the capital of the Mughal empire in the period of king Babur.

Since 1978 after the Marxist revolution, Kabul had been the target of many militant groups like Taliban, Mujahideen, Hezb-e-Islam and Haqqani network. In early 1995 Taliban started bombarding and shelling in Kabul. In several months this was the first time when they attacked on residential areas and civilians were under the attack of rockets and shelling.

Taliban started their own court and without any hearing they started to give punishments to thieves. In October 2001 there began the operation of the US and United front forces to free the Kabul from Taliban. Taliban were trying to defeat US forces but they aimed to take the control of Afghan govt  from Taliban. In 2001 Hammid Karzai took over the government officially.

Climate of Kabul is semi-arid. In winter and spring season we can observe snow falling. As compared to southwest Asia temperature of Kabul is cool and it is mainly because it is situated on a high sea level. The main products of Kabul include nuts, dried and fresh fruits, Afghan rugs, Sheepskin product, domestic clothes, beverages and leather.

Kabul Trade

Means of transportation in Kabul are usually buses, vans and cars. People travel by roads via private cars or national bus service. Roads are now being improved gradually. An international airport is also present in Kabul. The government of Japan builds an international terminal which has started operation since 2008. Here is also a Military terminal for the international flights. There is no railway line in Kabul. The government of Afghanistan is planning to start building railway line soon.

The economical situation of Kabul was not so good since the war of 1978 but, after the Karzai government economy of Kabul is heading toward progress. In the last decade many shopping malls and hotels have opened here. The Kabul City Center is an example which has also served as a hotel. Recently a new business complex has opened in Bagrami, where many companies can operate their business safely.

Kabul War

Here are many cultural sites in Kabul including Darul Aman Palace, National Museum of Afghanistan, tomb of Babur and Minar-e Istiqlal. Many bazaars are situated in old Kabul the famous bazaars are chicken streets and flower streets. Here is an interesting fact that Afghanistan is the only country in the world, where you can use three currencies i.e. Dollar, Afghani rupee and PKR. Many cinemas are also going to open in Kabul now.

Mayor of Kabul is trying to bring many reforms with the help of US agency for the development of Kabul city. Many new projects are going to start by Japan got and World bank for the green and cleaner Kabul.

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