Jan 042018

Private bus services are a blessing for all travellers who wish to have a comfortable inter-city travel. Pakistan has a fair share of good bus companies which try to make the travelling experience of passengers trouble-free. However, it has been observed that a popular bus company doesn’t use the more advanced fleet of buses on the Lahore to Bahawalpur, Sadiqabad and Karachi route. I have been travelling on this route for four years now and every time I have used the service, I have found the oldest, most run down buses. The option of luxury buses is not available for this route.

The condition of the buses is pitiable. Buses have rusty outer exterior and broken seats. Its cup holders and LCDs are also broken. No internet service and the extra bumpy ride make the entire travelling experience even more miserable especially since the distances are long and require better services for a comfortable journey. I have seen new buses of the same company running for various routes except this one. Bus companies must use latest model of buses to provide a better travelling experience to passengers.

Mahnoor Mumtaz


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