Jul 122017

In these days it has become a daunting task to get a government job. This takes a heavy toll on fresh graduates who are unemployed and have to fight tooth and nail in order to compete for highly coveted posts. The jobs are scarce, if they do come then they are merely not enough as thousand of candidates apply. No wonder, recently, a government servant who was on verge of retirement committed suicide by jumping from a tall building because he was unable to find a job for his son. As per government rules, if a government servant dies before retirement, his/her kin fills the position left vacant. And this was the sole reason why he committed suicide.

The attitude of government officers, while the recruitment process, is also discouraging. It seems that they are not in a hurry to fill vacant posts. Also, if a candidate has a query. s/he is usually unable to contact these government departments on their given landline numbers as no attendant picks up the call to entertain their queries. The screening tests conducted for recruitment are mainly MCQ-based which can be checked by OMR in no time. But still the announcement of result is made after a long time. If this trend continues, government officials should not complain about young people leaving the country to make a living.

Aitezaz Rashid Bajwa


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