Dec 102017

That the decision of the US to recognise occupied Jerusalem the capital of Israel is likely to trigger a surge of violence in the Middle East is a common opinion. The status of occupied Jerusalem is a core issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as both the countries claim the city to be their capital. This declaration will lead to extreme consequences in the region. Many countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, the EU, France, Germany and Turkey, have condemned the move. Most countries do not recognise the occupied Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and insist that the issue should be resolved under mutual negotiations.

The move will be an impediment to achieve a long-lasting peace agreement between Israel and Palestine since the Palestinian people have already warned that changing the status of Jerusalem would mean the end of those peace efforts. They also have warned of mass street protests something that could easily erupt into full-scale violence. All Muslim-majority countries should strongly condemn the decision of the Trump administration.

Muhammad Shiraz Hussain



Ever since Trump has taken control of the superpower of the world, there is constant tension looming in the air. Since the beginning of the year, Trump has been creating a wave of fear in the entire world with his reckless acts. Jerusalem holds a special place in the Muslim world. However, despite the warnings from the international community, the US president declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

This move has struck the hearts of many. It has sparked controversy all over the world and has caused a fire to rage across the already disturbed Middle East. The US declaration is a condemnable move that will have dire consequences.

Ifrah Shahbaz


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