Dec 282017

It is heartbreaking to see the misery of underprivileged children in Pakistan. More than a million of children are deprived of a stress-free childhood and are forced to work in order to support their family. It is said that child labour is deeply rooted in Pakistan and it is almost impossible to eradicate this menace from our society. At the tender age of six, when they should be playing outside, these children leave their houses at dawn to go to work. From being a domestic servant to performing the role of a salesman, these innocent souls work tirelessly and never complain about the difficult life.

It has also been observed that many children who work for long hours take drugs. They also trade the harmful substance to make quick money. It is disappointing to see the bleak future of our children. Working at an early age can have an adverse effect on children’s health. One cannot do much but to remind the government that it is its responsibility to alleviate the suffering of innocent children.

Sabir Hussain


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