Apr 072013

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) on Sunday forecast rain with strong winds for Punjab, Islamabad and Sindh on Monday and Tuesday. Isolated rain with thundershowers is likely at Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit- Baltistan and Kashmir on Monday and Tuesday.

An active weather system, earlier causing rains in Iran and UAE gripped Balochistan on Sunday. Under the influence of this weather system, widespread thundershowers with scattered heavy falls in Makran and Kalat divisions were expected in Balochistan on Monday.

The irrigated areas of wheat and cotton crops in Sindh and Punjab would receive scattered rain, thundershowers with gusty winds on Monday and Tuesday. Farmers were advised to take precautionary measures during this period.

The highest maximum temperatures during the last 24 hours were: Larkana 42C, Sukkar 41C and Shaheed Benazirabad 41C. The maximum temperatures recorded in other cities were Islamabad 30 C, Lahore 34C, Karachi 33C, Peshawar 31 C, Quetta 26 C, Skardu 20 C, Murree 19 C, Muzaffarabad 31C, Gilgit 26C, Faisalabad 34C, Multan 35C and Hyderabad 38C.

The rainfall recorded during last 24 hours was Parachinar 03mm and Quetta 02 mm.

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