May 112017

An Islamabad-based anti-terrorism court (ATC) on Thursday sentenced Muhammad Sikandar, who was responsible for the infamous “Islamabad Standoff” in 2013, to 16 years in prison.

Sikandar, who held his family members hostage in Islamabad’s Blue Area, was fined Rs110,000 by the court. According to Express News, Justice Syed Kausar Abbas Zaidi in his judgment said the accused will have to face another six months in prison if he fails to pay the fine.

I did it out of anger, says Sikander

Armed with two sub-machine guns and accompanied by his wife Kanwal and two children, Sikandar had driven into the middle of Jinnah Avenue in the capital, where he fired at the police and started a surreal standoff in 2013. He was arrested after a six-hour standoff but not before receiving bullet wounds from security personnel. He was taken into custody and hospitalised at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences.

On November 26, the Islamabad Police submitted a charge sheet against Sikandar, accusing him of putting innocent lives at risk and using children as human shields. He was also accused of unlawful use of weapons. The suspects were indicted on January 8, 2014, where they had denied all allegations against them.

Verdict deferred in case against Sikandar

Kanwal was released on bail from Adiala Jail on October 23. She was originally indicted by the police for assisting her husband in a terrorist act and obstructing the action of law enforcement groups during the incident. However, Kanwal’s lawyer had contested that she was a victim herself, used by her husband. After due proceedings, the Islamabad High Court had approved her bail application.

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