Jun 132017

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as the E3 conference is taking place in Los Angeles this week, where all the players in the gaming industry will come together to showcase their latest products.

Ahead of the conference, Microsoft unveiled Xbox One X, the new variant of the company’s popular gaming console. It claimed the device to be “the most powerful video console ever made”, escalating a battle with market king, PlayStation.

Responding to Microsoft’s challenge, Sony on Monday showed off rich, action-packed new PlayStation 4 video games, some for virtual reality, as it defended its crown as the top-selling new-generation console.

Microsoft challenges Sony with powerful new Xbox One X

However, what could be the biggest surprise for gaming fans did not come from the E3 conference. The gaming giant of the retro-era, Atari, has released a video teasing a mysterious new product called the Ataribox.

The website for the Ataribox, which surfaced on Friday has nothing except for a short video, describing the new device as “a brand new Atari product. Years in the making”.

Sony fires at Xbox with arsenal of big PS4 games

Although the website looks a bit shady and no official Atari channels are linked to it, the Ataribox is real, as confirmed by a company’s representative to The Verge.

The video shows a device styled after the company’s retro consoles, with fake woodgrain and slatted black plastic on top.

No other information is available on the website about the product. Hence, we have no idea if it will be a new age gaming console that will take on PlayStation and Xbox or a mini console like the NES Classic that Nintendo released late last year.

Despite the timing of the release of the teaser, it is highly unlikely that the product will be unveiled at E3 this year as the company has not planned any announcement yet.

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