Apr 172013

ISLAMABAD: The caretaker Prime Minister, Justice (Retd) Mir Hazar Khan Khoso Wednesday said that the interim Cabinet was bound to render its responsibilities observing impeccable impartiality, which should be tangible for all to see.

“We should dissuade ourselves from indulging any kind of partisanship. It is of course logical and necessary that we choose and adopt a low profile and do not embroil ourselves in dubious matters particularly when it comes to affairs of political parties”, said he while chairing the second meeting of Federal Cabinet.

He said assisting the ECP in conducting fee, fair and transparent elections was a mammoth responsibility resting upon the shoulders of interim government, adding but working in all fairness that is evident for everyone to see was even a bigger one.

He said the government was trying to reach out to all political parties and maintaining contacts with them without any discrimination, which was also a mandate of the caretaker government.

Further emphasizing the onus, he said they were obliged to conduct affairs of government in the run up to elections where no one could raise questions about our probity.

The Prime Minister also asked his Cabinet members for their valuable input on the current issues.

Caretaker Prime Minister also urged the provincial governments to keep a vigil on suspicious activities of terrorists and miscreants and evolve a mechanism in order to counter any terrorist act with an iron hand.

He said Federal government would extend all out assistance to provincial authorities.

He directed law-enforcing agencies to beef up security and assured the nation that sincere efforts were being made to bring normalcy in the country.

The Prime Minister condemned the recent wave of terrorism in Karachi and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and resolved that the culprits would be brought to book soon.

All possible measures would be taken to improve law and order situation in the country, he maintained.

Reminding the Cabinet about the task at hand, Prime Minister Khoso said the caretaker government was committed to help Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in conducting free and fair elections and resolve all those issues, which might create hurdles in the system.

He further referred to his maiden speech in the Cabinet meeting and said that he had cited Article 224 of the Constitution which mandated them to conduct elections after dissolution of National and Provincial Assemblies.

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