Jun 112017

The 2017 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) was held in Los Angeles, California from May 14th to May 19th 2017. This year, 10 Pakistani students made it to the event. They have designed and created some of the most innovative projects. The first one pertains to a problem faced by most mobile phone users: fast drainage of battery. Keeping this in mind, three students from Punjab Danish School converted the caller’s sound energy into electric energy for recharging the mobile phone. This project uses a device that recharges the mobile’s battery during a phone call.

The second project was presented by a student from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Karachi. He has designed a Bracelet Aid that would help in making blind people’s life easier. The bracelet can help them locate their particular addresses easily, thus benefiting such people all over the world. Another project was presented by a girl who’s a resident of Hasilpur, located in Bahawalpur. She claimed to have developed the first Anti-Cancer Skin Lotion. This annual event offers a good opportunity for our young innovators to show their remarkable skills. These young scientists should be encouraged by their respective schools as well as by the ministry of education.

 Air-Cdre (r) Azfar A Khan


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