Apr 252013

Android Low Battery

Top-notch android phones like Samsung or HTC are really powerful but the biggest drawback that they face is their low battery timing. Most of the users would be happy if they get along a single day with an overnight charge. Many factors have conspired in reducing the battery timing like larger screens, turning from 3G to 4G networking all the apps make the working of the phone great but sucks the juice right out of your phones battery. There are some pretty simple steps to enhance your battery timing.

Yes, of course there. It will certainly not boast your battery magically but it will give you a few squeaks of that battery time without compromising the performance of your phone.

So for what it’s worth there still are some pretty simple steps through which you could save your phones battery for the smart use.

Adjust the display brightness on automatic mode

Brightness is the main cause of decreased battery timing. Adjust the brightness to minimum level while using phone during the day it will help you save some juice.

Android Automatic Brightness

Switch off all connectivity

Try to switch  of your WIFI, Bluetooth or any other connectivity when you are not using any of it.

Shutdown app properly

When ever you run an app on your smart phone try to shut it down properly because when you just press the home key to shut it, the RAM keeps it as the current data which in return results as the loss of an excess amount of the battery.

View daily battery consumption

Use the apps that tell you about your daily battery consumption. Most of the people use these apps that tell them how much battery the other apps consume.

battery consumption android

Don’t user unnecessary apps

One important thing that you could do get rid of those unnecessary apps that you don’t use any more in order to increase the performance of your cell phone.

Keep it cool

Batteries work best in a colder atmosphere as compared to a warm and rigid environment. Keeping the phone in a looser pocket might help.

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