Sep 242017

While addressing the UN General Assembly session, US President Donald Trump has proposed the complete destruction of North Korea. In his zeal to overpower Korea, the president has perhaps ignored the war’s disastrous consequence that will affect the entire world. The war is never a solution for any problem. On the other hand, North Korea should try to settle its disputes in an efficient manner. Obviously the world is shocked over such an irresponsible statement of the American president. Proper steps should be taken to let the world know that the war is not a solution. All countries must work through international organisations to find peaceful solutions. Trump seems to be caught up in asserting his dominance in the world. Being a world leader, it is his responsibility to act wisely and lead the world with his political acumen.

The ongoing war in Afghanistan shows the serious consequences of a wrong decision. Millions of civilians including women and children have lost their lives in the ongoing war. And millions have sought refuge in other countries. What has the US gained from these wars? The UN should play its role and take measures to keep the US and North Korea away from war.

Javaid Bashir (Lahore)

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