Dec 132017

It was disappointing to read Imran Khan’s statement in which he has reportedly threatened to teach a government functionary a lesson after coming to power for not allowing him to hold a public meeting of his party at the Sheikhupura stadium. In the same speech, he highlighted the need of 200 honest people to change the nation’s fate. It is hoped that these honest agents of change would have a democratic mindset. We believe that these honest politicians would follow an inclusive approach to change the fate of Pakistan instead of using the tried and tested – and failed – strategy of fear and threats.

Being a supporter of Imran Khan’s agenda for change, I would like to mention that attitude of a person determines his altitude in life. Being a national leader, Khan needs to avoid uttering words his supporters would find difficult to justify. We, as a nation, have suffered a lot since the partition due to lack of tolerance in our society. It is therefore the responsibility of all popular political leaders to exercise patience in situations of disagreement, promote a culture of tolerance and resolve issues through logical reasoning. I am sure our politicians do realise that the true test of leadership lies in a situation of pressure and disagreement, and that the one who shouts does not seem to have a valid argument. History teaches us that most successful leaders in the world were role models for their whole nation – not only for their blind supporters.

Basharat Malik


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