Mar 222017

The past decades have witnessed a rapid increase in the development of housing societies in suburban Islamabad. A substantial number of people now reside in these housing societies. Unfortunately, the residents are experiencing significant problems resulting because of the indifferent attitude of the societies’ management. The National Police Foundation in O-9 is an example of an inept administration. The roads are damaged and full of potholes. Heaps of garbage are seen on streets. The commercial buildings in residential areas are causing innumerable problems to the nearby residents. Footpaths have been encroached and converted into parking lots of these commercial buildings. Even the traffic frequently gets choked because of the vehicles parked on the road in front of these plazas. The people of this society are facing these problems on a daily basis.

Despite receiving repeated complaints and requests of the residents, the concerned authorities have taken no responsibility to resolve these issues. This is a typical example of the housing society developers who take the least care of the residents once the plots are sold. The mayor of Islamabad has shown a keen interest in development and beautification of the capital. Since these housing societies are also a part of the city, the mayor is requested to take necessary action to resolve the issues faced by the residents. Otherwise, an impression is generated that the CDA is only concerned about the developed sectors of the city and not interested in the problems faced by ordinary people.

Muhammad Anas


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