Jun 192017

This refers to the news report, ‘CDA conducts operation against illegal housing scheme near Margalla Town Islamabad’ (Jun 19). The report shows that encroachments in Islamabad are rising at a fast pace. Another illegal society is rapidly growing along the Korang River opposite Street 9 Raja Akhtar Road Shahpur Bara Kahu. The owners of this unauthorised housing society are constructing a bridge over the Korang River without an NOC .The owners of street 9 appealed to the Islamabad High Court to seek a restraining order to stop this flagrant violation of the CDA, the ICT and other federal laws. The court warned the concerned officials against environmental degradation and the non-compliance of rules and regulations pertaining to housing societies in the capital.

No action was taken by the concerned officials. All concerned departments, including the CDA, must honour the rule of law. If there is no respect for the country’s laws, how will Pakistan survive? If no action is taken by the concerned people, the court should use its constitutional power to enforce its decision.

Ambassador(r) B A Malik


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