Dec 292017

Education holds immense importance for both men and women. People travel from one country to another in search of knowledge. Similarly in Balochistan residents give extra attention to education. Students from across the province travel to different parts of cities to complete their education. For students who come from far off places, many universities in Balochistan have hostels. The accommodation is given at affordable rates and since the property is within university, no time is wasted in commute. However, the problem is these universities have only boys’ hostels. They do not have any accommodation options for girls.

Many female students do not have enough resources to get property on rent. Where should these girls go? Don’t they have a right to study? A lack of facilities gives people a chance to disallow their daughters to move to far off places to study. The Balochistan government must consider building hostels for girls so that they can complete their higher studies without worrying for accommodation.

Zuleka Abdullah


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