May 132017

The healthcare system of the country is divided into two categories: the private sector and the government sector. Private hospitals are expensive and only a few can afford their treatment. On the other hand, the state-run hospitals are in a bad condition. These hospitals are crowded and the overworked staff finds it difficult to facilitate each patient properly. Doctors working in state-run hospitals have frequently complained about their low pay scale. This is why many experienced doctors prefer working in a private hospital, leading to limited staff in state-run hospitals. The Pakistani government should work to improve the conditions of state-run hospitals. Doctors should be offered a reasonable package so that a large number of doctors are interested in working in these hospitals. The government should ask for supervisory reports, to make sure that hospitals have adequate stock of medicines.

In addition, the healthcare sector is facing a serious issue: the use of fake medicines. In Pakistan, many people died because of these fake medicines, and most of them suffered life-threatening heart problems. The government must establish some institutions and make special teams whose only responsibility should be to check and apprehend all the people who are involved in the business of fake medicines. In addition, the government should supply modern machinery to all hospitals so that proper treatment is ensured. In Pakistan, there is not a single government hospital which has the availability of clean water. Sanitary conditions are also not satisfactory in these hospitals. The government must improve the conditions of these hospitals.

Hadia Aziz


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