Oct 302017

Our hockey team has many achievements under its belt. There was once a time when the entire world was aware of Pakistan’s proficiency in the game. Unfortunately, we have lost our past glory. Since the days of Qasim Zia, the condition of our hockey team has deteriorated. Its performance in the recent international matches stood at an all-time low. However, nobody seems to be concerned about its revival. At this stage, there is no one who is capable enough to take on this challenge.

The sports authorities should ponder over this serious issue and try to find a competent individual to revive hockey in the country. The president and prime minister of Pakistan must immediately intervene and replace the present arrangement with a dedicated team. Sports enhance the national spirit. At this point, only one industry is flourishing: politics. A vast number of people are only waiting to see who will become the next PM.

Zahid Ali Khan (Rawalpindi)

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