May 312017

Residents of Islamabad were pleased to know that the government has approved the construction of a Metro bus track on the Kashmir Highway from Peshawar Morr to the New Islamabad International Airport. The government plans to connect Metro bus stations with every residential sector in Islamabad. However, nothing is being done to connect the G-15 and F-15 sectors with a Metro station. The residents of the sectors have raised concerns over this issue. Hundreds of people will be deprived of a good facility, if the government doesn’t connect the sectors with the station. Currently, the residents of both the sectors travel a distance of 10km to a Metro bus station in Badhana Village.

The concerned authorities have approved the construction of bus stations in the areas that are less populated, but it has conveniently ignored the thickly populated G-15 and F15 sectors. It is hoped that the authorities will take notice of the issue.

Raja Manzoor Ahmad Kayani


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