Aug 102017

With Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day just round the corner, singer Haroon has surprised us with a revamped version of his national hit Dil Se.

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Lyrics like Dil se maine dekha Pakistan, Jan se mera dharti par emaan still envoke patriotism and nationalistic sentiments – just like they did when the song was released back in 2003. While the original video recreated images of Partition, celebrating the sacrifices made to build our country, the new visuals are also equally good.

Watch the 2003 version here:

The composition features Javed Bashir, Farhan Bohra and Muniba Mazari. A few seconds into the video, a banner labelled “Dil Se Pakistan” and a pin-hole camera labelled “Heroes of Pakistan” prop up.


The video pays  tribute to national legends of Pakistan as the pin-hole camera flashes images of our revered personalities, starting from Abdul Sattar Edhi, followed by Malala Yousafzai and male and female cricket champions.

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It also shows images of beautiful landscapes, from mountain peaks to desserts and national monuments and heritage sites.


With Pakistan having become champions of the ICC  trophy in June, the spirit of nationalism seems exceptionally high this time around.

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