Jan 022018

Is the value of money more than a human life? Every day we read sad stories which tell how the greed of a few profiteers claimed the lives of the innocent. Last Sunday (Dec 31), an unfortunate incident took place, which highlighted a doctor’s gross negligence. On that unfortunate day, a newly-wed man in Bahawalpur visited a doctor’s private clinic. He was later administered an expired injection which took his life. This is not the first case of death due to expired medicines. In fact, the practice of selling expired medicines is quite common both in urban and rural areas. Products which are supposed to save a human life are actually doing the opposite. Pharmacies across the country also show reluctance while discarding expired medicines. Some profiteers change expiration date labels and sell these medicines as new. Many people have been reported to have fallen ill after the consumption of such medicines.

It is the responsibility of the authorities to keep a vigilant eye on these criminals who are putting innocent lives in danger for extra profit. These issues should be discussed in order to create awareness among people and to help the authorities put criminals behind the bars for endangering people’s lives. The government should cancel the licences of those pharmacies who are involved in this criminal activity.

Ayesha Sheikh


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