Mar 152017

The government schools in Pakistan are like orphans. In the absence of local ownership, these schools are essentially run via remote control by generalist officers of the civil service from the provincial capital. They determine the financial and human resources that are needed, the time period for the closure of schools, transfers and postings of teachers and whether or not a statement of new expenditure is worthy of approval. Notwithstanding the bureaucracy’s capacity to undertake these roles, the participation of principals, head teachers and teachers in the management of schools is negligible. This lowers their enthusiasm and sense of ownership and creates the false impression that government schools are irredeemable entities.

When governments outsource the management of these very schools, they hand them to non-profit contractors who operate highly decentralised models. This means the executive authority is delegated to those who run the school on a day-to-day basis. We have not treated government schools with a rational and fair approach.

Aleem ur Rehman


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