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She may portray a neuroscientist in The Big Bang Theory, as well as the girlfriend of a legit genius, but did you know Mayim Bialik is just as smart in real life as on screen?

The American actor – fondly known as Amy Farrah Fowler from the popular comedy series – is calling out body shaming in the entertainment industry. And while her character may be a right prude, Bialik is telling youngsters straight up that they need to stop getting naked.

In a YouTube video released Thursday, the star called out the models who embrace their curves, arguing that they don’t need to get naked in order to empower other women, reported Eonline. But, to be clear, she isn’t shaming them for showing off their bodies. “I’m not going to lie, I have spent some of my life wishing I was pretty and skinny like other women,” Bialik said, also questioning the real impact these actions have on young women.

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“It should not be taken lightly that the message to present yourself as sexy and desirable may have more of an impact on young women than intended,” she said. “The message that we are sending, especially to young girls, is above all else to be sexy. I think the trap that we’re falling into is that we start to equate empowerment not with strength or intelligence or confidence, but with sexiness.”

The Blossom alum encouraged people to continue to tell young girls that their bodies are special and amazing. “Encourage girls not to fear their bodies. Be explicit that no one has the right to touch you in a way you don’t want to be touched, no matter how you’re dressed,” Bialik stated. “Getting naked is not the only way to feel empowered as a beautiful person.”

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