Jan 042018

This refers to the news report, ‘Exploration for gas, other sources stressed to resolve energy crisis’ (Jan 4). In a panel discussion in which prominent experts including SNGPL MD Amjad Lateef, Shazia Salman, Qamar Zaman and Rehman Aziz took part, valuable suggestions were given to tackle the current gas crisis. Experts believe that the authorities do not have the data of gas usage, distribution and shortage available because of which they cannot come up with a strategic planning to deal with the issue. One wonders why the authorities cannot calculate the consumption of gas across the country by calculating the sum of gas units consumed by various commercial and domestic units.

Steps should be taken to deal with the current crisis. Gas losses which are at present eight percent must be brought down to less than five percent. It must also be ensured that gas demand of all industries like textile mills are met so that the output produced by the industries can be timely exported to earn foreign exchange. The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) must also take steps to carry out gas exploration so that the demand of both the industrial and domestic sectors can be met. Additionally, consumers should also ensure the careful use of gas so that wastage can be controlled.

Riaz Akbar

Wah Cantt

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