Jan 142017

Earlier in the year 2016, Pakistan signed a LNG supply agreement with Qatar. The Ministry of Petroleum then claimed that the problem of gas shortage will be solved soon. Almost a year has been passed since the deal, but nothing has changed. In Punjab, winters and gas shortage arrived simultaneously. The people are facing a lot of difficulties in carrying out their daily routine. Cooking daily meals has become a nuisance in households. In the cold weather, gas heaters cannot be turned on owing to gas shortage. Apart from making claims of putting an end to gas shortage, the government promised to deal with the country’s energy crisis as well. One wonders how it will be able to fulfil its promise when it is continuously failing to do something about gas shortage.

It is unfortunate that these problems are still deeply rooted in the country. For dealing with gas shortage, a few CNG stations were closed down but that too couldn’t leave any positive impact.

Zaheer Ahmed


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