Oct 052017

Islamabad is a well-planned beautiful city. Bhara Kahu is a suburban area near the city and is located en route to the hill station, Murree. The small town is surrounded by scenic views. lush green mountains and the Korang River. Recently the authorities did a commendable job in extending the main Murree road to reduce traffic congestion which happens almost every Sunday because of a heavy flow of traffic from Murree. However, the town’s beauty is now tarnished by heaps of garbage found alongside the pavements and on the green grass. Upon entering the town, the person is met with a nauseating smell.

The green grass is now replaced with solid waste. The rotting waste is also causing health problems for residents. The main Murree road is frequently used by tourists and VIP officials, but it is unfortunate that no steps have been taken to remove the waste. The rivers have now become a dump site for garbage. It is necessary for the authorities to tackle this problem as quickly as possible before winter – the time when Murree becomes a hub for tourists as well as government officials.

Ifrah Shahbaz (Islamabad)

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