Jul 132017

So much has already been written about the city’s worst garbage crisis. Unattended garbage in Karachi is causing a lot of problem. While the concerned authorities took a few steps to resolve the issue, piles of garbage are seen in major areas of the city. Areas, including Liaquatabad, Sharifabad, Nazimabad and F B Area, that are densely populated have the worst garbage situation. Streets in these areas are littered with garbage. The local authorities recently installed garbage bins, however, since these bins were not emptied regularly, garbage again started piling up on streets. Since garbage is not removed on time, many residents complain about foul smell coming out of the piles of garbage.

These piles of garbage are also a breeding ground for mosquitoes that later spread life-threatening diseases like chikungunya and dengue. The concerned authorities need to deal with the issue on an urgent basis. All areas should be cleaned regularly. The government should take immediate action to solve this problem. This problem has not only affected the health of the people, but it has also damage the city’s clean environment. It is time the local authorities took relevant steps to make the city clean and green.

Areeba Ishaque


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