Jan 172014

Fri Chicks invites franchise applications

Fri Chicks invites applications from those who are interested in opening its franchise in their localities. Before you take such a decision make sure to read the terms of applications.

What you’ll need

  • True entrepreneurial spirit
  • A strong belief in our brand
  • Managerial experience – hospitality would be a big plus
  • A real commitment to serve to the standards our customers expect
  • A keen ability to train and nurture people
  • A minimum of Rs.5 million if you’re a business – Rs.5 million will have to be your own investment, and you must have access to additional funding to match growth
  • The capability and drive to expand to 06 restaurants in 3 years

What’s the cost?

  • Initial new license fee is Rs. 12 Lac. (7 Lac Franchise fees not refundable, plus 5 Lac security refundable)
  • Franchise royalty is 4% of sales, paid monthly
  • Your advertising contribution is 3% of sales. This is paid into a co-operative and used mainly for National TV and 0.5% of local marketing.

Location Visit

Charge Rs.15000/- for initial location visit

Application Process Fees

Charge Rs. 10000/- Application Process Fees paid through pay order / demand draft on the name of Jordache PVT Ltd.

ime to get in touch then. You can call us on our franchisee enquiry line on 03018446610.

Click on the below Link to download Franchise Application Form. After download Franchise Application Form Print it on A4 size paper.Use Capital Latters to fill the form.

After filling the Franchise Application form scan it and email us on info@fri-chicks.com OR send Franchise Application form through hard mail on following postal address:-


Make sure if you have such a plan of doing business with this food chain company you know and keep in mind all the facts, terms and conditions to avoid the application rejection chances.

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