Jul 032017

This is to draw the attention of the Balochistan government to a serious issue. The number of accidents on the Quetta-Karachi highway is increasing at a fast pace. Many people are either killed or get seriously injured when a speeding vehicle collides with their cars. Road accidents on highways are always fatal and horrific because the speed limit on highways is generally high. But, one of the main reasons for these road accidents is the carelessness of drivers. Many bus drivers drive recklessly. They are not at all concerned about the lives of hundreds of passengers sitting in the bus. In the same way, they don’t care about the precious lives of other motorists. The traffic authorities need to take serious action against those drivers who don’t abide by traffic rules.

Since there is no available alternative, many people have to take bus to reach at the required destination. They are compelled to put their lives in danger. The main reason for this speeding is the contest two or more drivers have with each other. Each driver wants to be the first one to reach at the destination. This is why a bus is driven fast and recklessly. This, unfortunately, leads to fatal accidents. It is also the responsibility of the media to highlight these road accidents so that the concerned authorities are notified of the negligence of drivers.

Ubaid Zehri


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