May 092017

KARACHI: France’s former forward Abdul Salam Bilal, commonly known as Anelka, will be seen in action in Karachi along with Brazilian star Ronaldinho, The Netherlands’ George Boateng and England’s David James in an exhibition seven-a-side match in July this year between Pakistan Stars and Rest of the World Stars.

Bilal, who took the name after converting to Islam, represented France in 69 international games between 1998 and 2010.

He has played for major clubs and was one of the most expensive players during his prime.

In a statement released by the organisers of Leisure Leagues, Bilal said he was looking forward to visit Pakistan and play football in order to promote the game in the country.

“I am looking forward to help boost football in Pakistan with my participation. I also have a special connection with Pakistan having embraced Islam,” Bilal was quoted as saying by the organisers.

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