Jun 022017

Hopes of pensioners went down the drain when only 10 percent increase in pensions was announced in the budget for the year 2017-18. Retired government employees are senior citizens who deserve some extra perks and privileges. They have contributed a lot to the development and growth of the country and deserve to spend the life after retirement in peace and comfort. But a majority of these people are facing financial difficulties because of their meagre pension. In addition, the government did not increase the medical allowance of pensioners at all.

In a nut shell, pensioners have once again been given a rough deal and left to fend for themselves. They cannot afford good medical treatment because of financial constraints. It would have been fair if pensioners were given an increase of 15 percent and at least 50 percent increase in their medical allowance. It is time the government and the concerned authorities made sure that the sufferings of pensioners are alleviated.

Zaheer Ahmed


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