Oct 152017

The majority of politicians in our country do not know about the problems being faced by the common man. These politicians always keep their interests above national interest. It seems that they do not know the true meaning of democracy. Politicians are elected by the people. It is the responsibility of elected representatives to work for the people. In our country, there is a wide gap between politicians and the common man. The ruling elite cannot understand the pain and anguish faced by the people. They do not know what it is like to spend hours without power.

They do not know how hard it is to walk miles to fetch water. There is no participation of the people in decision making. The role of the people has been reduced to casting votes and to participate in rallies and public meetings. No law has been passed for the welfare of the people. With each passing day, living in the country is becoming more difficult for the people. When will our politicians pay attention to the plight of the common man?

Engr S T Hussain (Lahore)

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