Jul 142017

Given the increasing number of CSS aspirants, it has become clear that, in Pakistan, education is not a source of progress but power. On that basis, students in our country prefer medical or engineering fields to art-related subjects. However, when it comes to the coveted CSP, they are inclined towards it and leave their particular fields to pursue it. Now the question is: why do the students opt for prestigious posts? The answer is the structure of our society. It is, in fact, our society which is dragging our young minds to this hysteria of power. Moreover, when they fail to reach the privileged post, they remain oblivious of what to do next. By doing so, the aspirants not only ruin their capability in the fields that they have left behind, but they also waste their own time and energy.

Education is undoubtedly linked to power. But it is the power of the development of mind, not influence or status. The denial of this reality is also one of the main reasons for the deteriorating standards of education in the country.

Abdul Hafeez Jatoi (Hyderabad)

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