Oct 212017

The deadly virus of dengue has travelled from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to Jamrud Khyber Agency. To date, it had infected more than 150 people. Jamrud is quite close to Peshawar, therefore it was expected that the dengue virus will enter the region as well. However the healthcare department in Fata and other concerned authorities didn’t take any notice of all the warnings given. Because of this gross negligence, the virus is spreading in the entire region at a fast pace. The outbreak of the disease has taken a toll on the lives of the people.

Although millions of dollars were spent on on hospitals in Khyber Agency, residents are still not satisfied with treatment facilities available. Many residents are going to Peshawar for better treatment options, however hospitals in Peshawar are not big enough to accommodate a huge influx of infected peoples. According to some media reports, 80 percent patients cannot be admitted because scarcity of resources in hospitals. Dengue is not new. But the concerned authorities are not taking enough steps to deal with the menace. Spraying campaign should be launched in the region and all residential areas should be sprayed on a regular basis.

Tajdar Alam ( Khyber Agency )

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